About Us

A technology startup founded by serial entrepreneur. Company helps their customers with their out of the box solutions like Feedback, Digital CMS & Visitor Check-In solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence. It provides cutting edge technology in field of artificial intelligence & customized solutions. We are helping businesses by provide valuable information about their business insight of customer behavior.

Who we Are ?

Since our inception, we have been committed to the service of innovative and advanced solution development. In last few months, we have build Covid Face Mask detection using computer vision, eFIR web platforms and mobile applications for store visit/virtual store with video chat concept for small and large companies across a wide range of industries. We have deployed around 100s of API during these months for multiple platform integrations and many more small applications like ecommerce platform on php, wordpress or magento. Our mission critical job is to ensure provide valuable insight of customers business so they can grow largely.

  • Deliver a high quality web design
  • Support our customers once signing a contract
  • Streamline an expanded array of web
  • Pursue web-enabled niche markets with professionals
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